The average sales person uses about 20% of their time actually selling.

Yes, you read that right. The other 80% of their time is spent prospecting.

Why is that? Because most sales teams use an archaic strategy called the "Phone Book Method," an incredibly inefficient and time-intensive process. It's eerily common, and it results in several sales inefficiencies that you can likely relate to:

  • When prospecting goes up, selling goes down (which makes the funnel difficult to predict)
  • Each sales rep maxes out at about 1,500 ineffective sales activities each month
  • CRM tasks become incredibly overwhelming and your sales reps struggle to use their time and energy productively
  • You are forced to hire more reps in order to find more qualified leads

We were convinced that sales teams could do better. 

So we decided to get to the bottom of it.

We've researched, analyzed, and diagnosed sales processes.

We've dialogued and built relationships with representatives from some of the top sales technology companies.

We've worked with our clients to identify and sort through unique (and not-so-unique) sales inefficiencies.

We've wholeheartedly obsessed over this problem for years. And finally, we've been rewarded with the solution.

We call it The StemFlow Process. And it has revolutionized how our clients approach the sales process.


When we say "revolutionized," we mean it. Our clients are seeing some incredible results, and they're now able to actually analyze that data (thanks to a more streamlined system).

The StemFlow Method will lead you through a strategic process that will allow you to:

  • 10x your sales activities (that translates into 10,000 effective sales activities, per rep, per month)
  • Achieve 300% more meetings with qualified, precisely-targeted leads
  • Train your reps to follow a systematic, accelerated, high-accountability process that allows them to focus on revenue-generating activities
  • Actualize your goals and maximize team effectiveness without hiring on additional sales reps

Ready to schedule a time to talk about how StemFlow can help you revolutionize your sales process?