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Insurance Brokers:

As a broker, your organization has set very high standards. They require you to validate or replace a draw (debt) with business before commission payouts can be authorized. This is a challenging task in an environment where relationships are impossible to scale, and performance metrics are high. What if we could help you build your book of business more quickly with natural sounding, relevant, and localized messaging to your target audience? What if we could also increase your sales activities via the phone, email and social by 7-10x allowing you to get in front of more prospects in a shorter amount of time while you focus on selling?

  • Inserting automation into your process means that you can set meetings while you're driving, running client conversations, spending time with your family, meeting with your Practice Leader for coaching and more
  • Instead of focusing on one vertical and product set, our system allows you to focus on multiple simultaneously -- which means you can take control of who you meet and when (at scale)
  • If a meaningful event occurs or one of your carriers comes out with a new product that you know could be really beneficial to a specific set of companies, why not be able to target them on a whim?
  • Ever thought about using automation to target and gain access to strategic partners who can send you meaningful referrals over time?