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Telecom Agents:

Normally, you work at a carrier for 3-5 years and then flip those accounts over as an agent. That's the typical approach. What if you flip all of those accounts over and it's not enough? What if you want to grow your business but you are at the mercy of your relationships? What if there are too many other agencies and direct sales people at the telecom carrier and it's become more challenging to stand out against all of the noise? StemFlow's approach allows you to build your book in a repeatable and scalable manner. You'll never be at the mercy of your warm network. When a new supplier comes out with a product their pitching you on and you think it would be meaningful to a specific audience but you're not sure how you're going to reach them in between all of the other things on your plate, we can solve that too.

  • Use automation to grow and expand your book of business outside of your warm network
  • Differentiate yourself from other agencies by providing a system to your sales reps they can't get anywhere else that empowers them to grow their book quickly and effectively.
  • Crush your competition at carriers and other agencies.
  • Hedge your risk against customer attrition by having a resources you can turn up and down as you'd like to gain qualified meetings in the cold market