The average sales person spends only 20% of their time actually selling.


Yes, you read that right. The other 80% of their time is spent "prospecting."

Why is that? Because most sales teams use an archaic strategy called the "Phone Book Method," an incredibly inefficient and time-intensive process. It's eerily common, and it results in several sales inefficiencies that you can likely relate to:

  • Manually hunting for your target audience's contact information

  • Hundreds of dials just to set one meeting which may or may not be qualified

  • Management of the follow up required to secure a meeting

  • Being forced to hire more reps in order to find more qualified leads (expensive)


We were convinced that sales teams could do better. 

So we decided to get to the bottom of it.

  • We've researched, tested and built our solutions in Fortune 100 and Silicon Valley VC backed sales environments.

  • We've dialogued and built relationships with some of the top sales technology companies.

  • We've experienced the most common (and problematic) sales inefficiencies so that we could build solutions that solve real problems.


Long story short?

We've wholeheartedly obsessed over this conundrum for years. 

And finally, we can reward you with the solution.


We Call it The StemFlow Method

It has become a real strategic advantage for our customers.

Imagine what a 1, 2, or 5% increase in revenue could do for your business. This is the power of the StemFlow Method.

Imagine what a 1, 2, or 5% increase in revenue could do for your business. This is the power of the StemFlow Method.


Using The StemFlow Method, we are able to accelerate the pace at which your salespeople can gain qualified meetings within their target audience using widely accepted mediums you are already familiar with: phone, email, and LinkedIn

...Which quickly translates into results for your team:

  • 10x sales activities (10,000+ effective sales activities, per rep, per month)

  • 300% more meetings with qualified, precisely-targeted leads

  • A greater focus on revenue-generating activities thanks to a systematic, accelerated, high-accountability process

  • Actualize goals and maximize team effectiveness without hiring on additional sales reps


Our Process is custom-tailored to serve each member of your sales team uniquely, optimizing their time and energy for maximum profitability.


/  HOW we do it  /

Our Proprietary Process

It's important that when you decide to deploy technology into your Sales Model, the right people, processes and systems are in place. Unlike other consultants or outsourcers, we work with you the entire way to solve challenges specific to the uniqueness of your organization. Your system is built from the ground up. We'll even write the messaging (but we'd rather empower your team to do so!) 


Why Partner with StemFlow?

You're right. You could build the system yourself! The reason our customers have partnered with us is because they realized how challenging it is to learn unfamiliar technology while maintaining business as usual. They were concerned that if the new, unnatural and unfamiliar method failed, they would be on the hook. They wanted someone to make the shift easier, to protect their interests, and most of all - show them a path to ROI.

  1. Speed to market: Continue the momentum you’ve already established and be up and running 2-3x faster than your peers.

  2. Customize processes tailored to fit your sales organization versus a one-size-fits-all approach that limits the effectiveness of the new method.

  3. Hands-on experience: From data tools to messaging, to process creation and implementation, we’ve been there.

  4. Focus on selling while StemFlow handles the complexity of a roll out.

  5. Successful deployments: Failed software deployments are more common than one would think. We help you get ahead of the common reasons for failure.

  6. Easier transition: Outbound prospecting methods require sales reps to do many unnatural acts. We ease the strain of transitioning away from the ‘Phone Book Method.’

  7. Access to the best tools, processes, methods, and theories because this is all we do.

  8. Unbiased 3rd party vendor management and negotiation in the best interest of your company.


Who We Work With

We work with Sales Leaders of the industries listed below who are looking to increase the survival rate of their sales reps, need a way to drive organic growth, are interested in pursuing a nuanced approach that will undoubtedly differentiate themselves from their competitors, or want to experience the power of automation in the selling environment.

Artboard 1v copy 275px.png

Telecom Agents:

Scale your agency and hire or grow your direct sales teams. Become a generalist - increase your average customer billing by 2-3x.

Artboard 1v copy75px.png

INsurance Brokers:

Crush your peers who are stuck using the "Phone Book Method." Increase the survival rate of your Brokers/Consultants.

Artboard 1v copy 375px.png

Telecom Carriers:

Penetrate markets with new products 10x faster than your competition. Never door knock again.

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Financial Advisors:

Build and grow your book of business faster. Recruit new or experienced reps in the cold market.



Our mission is to help salespeople become the best version of themselves. To empower them to aggressively take control of their income. To hand over a modernized system that makes salespeople excited to come into the office. To give salespeople repeatable and scalable ways to find new prospects, and new customers.

By focusing our efforts on helping salespeople we know that in turn, the entire organization wins.